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(2) If you do not make any money, you will say that the project is not good, which will damage your reputation. People who are unwilling to invest a few hundred dollars can only be confused day after day and year after year on the Internet. In the end, they concluded that the Internet earning industry was not confused and quit. The tragedy is that he will find various reasons. Advise others not to do online earhow to make money online translationning.

"At present, there are more and more news software to make money, and they are emerging in an endless stream. Some companies are operating, some are developing, and some individuals are also doing it. If you want to ask me which news software is better to make money? Then I personally recommend you. Download the Sohu news information version of the APP software, it should be the most reliable software to make money by watching news, as long as you watch the news in its APP, there will be a Fox coin reward, and each news article will reward a few to 20 Fox coins. No, the fox coin will be automatically settled as cash every morning for you to withdraw.

This kind of scammer deceives a person to succeed, which is a large order of 500,000 to 3 million. Some official scammers have been in a certain place for several years, or even ten years, and no one has discovered them. Many people have deceived tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. .

The so-called sharing means that there is a public platform. If you want to use it, you pay. This platform does not belong to you, nor does it belong to me, it belongs to everyone. Then let's take a look at it in detail, what applications it has in the online earning industry.

One machine can only make tens of dollars because of the lack of my account number. The most cruel thing about this demo platform is that you need to bind Alipay when you withdraw cash. I only have a dozen Alipay accounts on my hand. I don’t worry about buying it. But I want to work, so I am helpless! If friends with channels can indeed make money by hanging up in batches, I will write down how to make money by hanging up on the platform. I hope that all the great gods who pass by will not spray, and they will not enter after learning. This time I emphasize that I am a novice.

Finally, I want to say that there are a lot of part-time jobs, hang-ups, etc. on the Internet. Don’t believe it lightly. Thehow to make money online translationre are two reasons. First, many platforms are not formal. After you do it, the webmaster may close the website at the end. I can’t bring up my money, I want to cry without tears, and the other thing is how much money I make every day when I hang up. Do you think there will be a pie in the world? Don’t be naive, be realistic. Always believe: one hard work, one harvest!

2. When you first arrive in Japan, you must first apply for the "Permit for Activities Outside of the Qualifications", commonly known as the "Work Permit". After that, you can work part-time within the specified time. During the school period, students should not work more than 28 hours a week. During spring vacation (February-April) and summer vacation (July-September) each year, students can work 56 hours a week, which is equivalent to working all day. The Japanese government stipulates that the hourly wage of foreign students is not less than 800 yen, which is equivalent to 60 yuan.