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Japan has also experienced a period of decline in physical stores, but after several years of adjustments, it has re-emerged steadily, just like Japan back then. Although the impact of e-commerce has caused a certain amount of pressure on physical stores, this is an unavoidable practical problem. But the worst times must be the best times. The physical store will not die. The future winner will ultimately be the physical store.

Ma Yun said that there is no problem for young people to deliver food and express delivery, but Cao Dewang, a well-known manufacturing entrepreneur in my country, has previously given an "opposite" answer. At that time, Cao Dewang said that the young people who don't understand why are all going to deliver food and express delivery, resulting in fewer and fewer young people in manufacturing factories.

If you want to earn more, you can also become a partner of Baidu. When you move in, you must choose a team to join, promote your own links, and let others join your team, so that your team members can answer the questions you have There will be corresponding benefits.

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"What are the ways of online promotion in 2017? Successful online marketing does not lie in the many marketing methods you use, but in which one you are more familiar with and better at. Only by choosing your best marketing method can you get the best Marketing effect. So what are the most commonly used and effective techniques for website promotion in 2017?

The frog staying at the bottom of the well only saw the sky at the head of the well, and the world it thought was only that corner. But when it can jump outside the well, it will find that the outside world is so colorful. If you can also jump out of your own small circle and take a closer look at the outside world, then you will have a more thorough understanding of life and a more diverse view of your career.