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im in my 30s and i dont know what to do to make money

Don't talk about making money aside. When working part-time, you can cultivate the ability to communicate and do things. People are exercised, and part-time jobs can make people exercise early. Come out early, get real gold early. In the future, the key to finding a job is that personal ability plays a decisive role. Although college students have little time, time is like water in a sponge. Part-time functions contact society earlier and understand society more clearly, so that you can better adapt to society. Part-time job can recognize the complexity of society, but also can appreciate the hardships of life. Recruiting now first asks if you have work experience, a diploma is just a stepping stone. Part-time jobs can use their spare time to exercise their abilities. Part-time people are more mature than those who don’t have part-time jobs and are more able to adapt to society. Competition is cruel. Only by constantly enriching and exercising oneself can we be invincible in the competition.

As for the scam of Taobao ordering, I have not researched whether it is true or not. However, I have carefully studied the ordering of third-party platforms. The other party will give you a website product. You need to register for an account to purchase. Give a verification code, enter the verification code on the website, you can see the card password of the recharged phone bill or the card password of the game point card, because they are not official, you need this verification code to see the purchase situation, when you take the product , Asks you to give this verification code, after you give it, they can extract the card number and card secret for consumption, whichever TV series or movie makes money, they will block you directly after consumption.

Today, we mainly talk about "make money by mobile phone part-time job". I believe you often know that online part-time job can make money. As everyone knows, mobile phones are not only a tool for calling and sending text messages, but also a part of our lives. What will happen to the mobile phone? Anyway, I don’t feel safe after leaving the phone. So how do mobile phones make money? How to do a part-time job with a mobile phone? What are the ways to make money with mobile phones? This is a question of many people. Looking down, I will solve your doubts.

The consumption level of college students is getting higher and higher, and snacks are also the favorite of most people. Instant noodles, ham, spicy strips, potato chips... these things are best-sellers. If they can be delivered to the bedroom, the business will be even better. All right.

"If someone loses 10 yuan and asks me to post a soft article, I will definitely ignore it. But there are exceptions. There is one person who occasionally calls me on q, throws me an article and tells me 10 yuan. , And then I posted it.

But the admission itself has made her world "brighter" a lot. Facing Jiazi Lightyear, she expressed her gratitude to this era: "Opportunities are always there, it depends on whether you can grasp it. Use the time spent reading the soul chicken soup or complaining about the solidification of the class to discover new opportunities and do some meaningful things, and the world will become a better place."

The platform for making money by coding, the largest coding website on the Internet: currently has nearly 100,000 entries in mainstream search engines; there are 90,000 members on the platform. The choice of all the wise. There are many earning channels and rich content: there are mainstream earning channels such as code online earning, task earning, and game earning. Check out on time, reputation first, and never default: the settlement of various projects is guaranteed to be punctual and trustworthy. Since the establishment of the site for many years, there has never been a payment of any member in arrears. Continuous rewards: The platform has a variety of reward systems, making a lot of money, and rewarding tricks emerge in endlessly.

The rapid development of WeChat business"" is actually directly related to the development of WeChat. After all, the number of users of WeChat is very large for us. I have written many articles about analyzing companies and industries. People ask me how I wrote it. Recently, I have been thinking whether these ways of thinking can be summarized into a set of methodology? Can I share it with others in the form of words? So how to make money? How to seize the opportunity? Two Problem-seeing investment"

7. Sort out your work tasks and make a to-do list. Do you often feel that your work tasks are heavy, your mind is messed up, you don't know what to do first, or where you are going? If this is the case, you need to stop the work at hand and sort out your work ideas. Now, please prepare a piece of white paper and a pen, and your troubles will be solved immediately. First, list all the tasks you can think of to complete on a white paper and mark the deadline; secondly, write down the time you expect to complete the task after each task; finally, put all the tasks Organize into a to-do list.